Jason Edelson

- Full-Stack Developer -
Skills: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, Python, C# and ASP.NET MVC

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When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Yogi Berra

A little about me

After spending the first 18 years of life in the California Bay Area I moved down coast to beautiful San Diego. While attending San Diego State University and studying finance I fell in love with the city but also discovered that this definitely was not what I wanted to be doing for the next 40 years of life. So I decided to make the career change and pursue Software and Web Development by attending The Tech Academy's remote Software Development program.
Current favorite language is Python but am experienced and comfortable with C, C#, SQL, HTML, CSS & JS among others

Highly detail oriented, exceptionally organized, fun to work with!

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What I bring to the table

I am currently attending The Tech Academy remotely for education and training in Software and Web Development. I previously studied at San Diego State University where I took courses in a variety of subjects including computer science, finance, and management information systems. I have a passion for learning and am always trying to add more skills to my repertoire.

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